How to Fake a Fever Fast

How to Fake a Fever Fast

Fever is a symptom that occurs when the normal body temperature, which ranges between 36.5° and 37.5°, goes over this level, generating chills, discomfort and other ailments such as headache or muscle aches. If at any time, for whatever reason, you've had the need of increasing your body temperature or faking a fever, check out the tricks in this oneHOWTO article and find out how to fake a fever fast.

Steps to follow:

Fake your skin's temperature. Firstly, if you want to fake a fever fast and also bring your body temperature up so you can pretend in front of another person, try putting a cloth or flannel under the tap and make sure you pour hot water on it. Then, press it on your forehead for a few seconds. Then if someone touches your forehead to check your temperature, they will see that you are warm and slightly flushed.

If you use this method you should make sure your forehead isn't all wet or they might suspect you are faking it.


Fake body heat and sweat. Also, wearing some kind of thermal or lined clothing that doesn't ward off the heat such as the following:

  • Wool long sleeved vest
  • Nylon thermal vest
  • Silk shirt.

Wearing this in your bed for around half hour before you or one of your parents takes your temperature will help your body keep the warmth, which will in turn make the degrees on the thermometer rise. On the other hand, you should avoid wearing cotton or linen.


Eat food that will increase your temperature. Another useful tip to fake a fever that is commonly used is to eat hot meals or drink hot liquids - whether tea, soup, stew, etc. This will also help to increase body temperature quickly and you'll find it easier to make it look like you have a fever.

Another food type that will increase your temperature is spicy food. Adding a pinch of chili, jalapeno, harissa, tabasco, shishito peppers or Shichuan peppercorns will do the trick.

Moreover, it has been shown that foods that are rich in vitamin B are best for bringing up body temperature, so take advantage of them.

Another common method, although not highly recommended is to use onion on your armpits. Take a look at our article on how to fake a fever with onion for more information on the subject.


Tamper the thermometer. A thermometer is a tool we use regularly to reliably measure the average body temperature. There are some tricks you can do in order to raise the temperature reading on the thermometer and fake a fever fast:

  • A simple way to make the thermometer read a few degrees higher is to rub the tip of it with your fingers as fast as possible. This way it will heat quickly and go up to the temperature you want.
  • If you have a heat source nearby, there's nothing more effective than putting the thermometer next to it for a few moments. One of the most effective methods is to boil a cup of tea or coffee and gently leaning the tip of the thermometer against it. Make sure the temperature doesn't shoot up and reach very high levels, because then it won't be very believable.
  • And the classic trick to immediately raise the temperature of the thermometer is to use the heat generated by a light bulb. Put the thermometer near a light and wait a few seconds until it reaches a temperature of 38°C or 39° C(100 °F or 102°F), approximately.
  • If your thermometer is one with mercury inside, then you can also raise the temperature by soaking it in very hot tap water. Make sure that the water isn't boiling hot, as this could cause the mercury thermometer to explode, which can be dangerous to your health.

Fake the symptoms of fever. Fever is caracterizad by symptoms such as chills, feeling cold, headache, muscle aches and general discomfort. So you should also take this into account if, in addition to actually increasing your body temperature, you want to look like you're really suffering from a fever. Therefore, to fake a fever fast, follow the tips to play sick effectively:

  • Pull a tired and discomforting face. It is best if you wake up early in the morning and start faking way in advance. It' won't sound convincing if you are lying about and suddenly start to fake the symptoms of fever.
  • Use some warm water so that your back is slightly humid. This will make it seem as if you have been sweating.
  • Say you're cold and fake shivering from time to time. Don't be over dramatic with the shivering and use the following technique: hold your leg and arm muscles tight for one minute, then relax them. You'll notice how your limbs begin to shiver slightly.
  • Say you have a headache and pain in your stomach, go to the bathroom and take a long time to come back out.
  • Another trick is to refuse any food you may be offered as people who are suffering from a fever usually lose their appetite.
  • As people with a fever suffer from dehydration, your lips should seem more dry than usual. Always take water when offered, as you will need it for this symptom of your fake fever.

If you start showing these symptoms gradually and start escalating them progressively, the situation will be a lot more believable and you'll be able to fake you have a fever perfectly well and will probably not get caught.

However, you should know there are some tricks people use, especially parents, to know if their child is truly sick. Take a look at our article on how to know if someone is faking a fever to make sure you don't fall into these common mistakes.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • If you are at work or school and suddenly start faking the symptoms of fever, it will be more convincing for your parents or boss than if you simply haven't even tried to get to your job or school.
  • If your parents want to take you to the doctor, don't say you don't want to, your parents will certainly start to suspect you may be faking a fever if you refuse to see a professional.
  • You will need to look tired, so make sure you don't sleep much so you get dark circles that will indicate you are not feeling very well.