How to deal with insecurity

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to deal with insecurity

If you feel insecure with yourself, if you have trouble making decisions, if you are afraid of criticism, if you are not sure how to act and if all this affects you, know that you can change it, it just depends on you. A lack of confidence is a negative feeling that prevents us from enjoying life and it generates feelings of discomfort and fear. As we become unable to express our own opinions, desires and emotions we promote negative feelings and situations that affect us. If you want to change, if you want to feel safe and have confidence in yourself, here we will give you some recommendations on how to deal with insecurity.

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Steps to follow:

Discover what are the true reasons for your insecurity. Also, at what point did you begin to feel insecure and in what situations. Think about how you wanted those situations to be resolved and what you did for the situation to develop as you wanted. The chances are that you have done nothing to have things work out as you want them to. Generally there is a difference between what we do and what we want. To overcome insecurity we have to think about what we wanted and why we reacted differently. What fears do we have?


Thinking positively will help reduce insecurity. You have to eliminate negative thoughts regarding criticism or fears. You have to convince yourself that everything will go well and that your decision is the best and most appropriate. Everyone makes mistakes but this is normal, the important thing is to learn from those mistakes and not be afraid. At those moments, remember what makes you feel better.


Try working your self esteem. Think of all the positive aspects of your life, your projects, your affections; all you have got and what you have accomplished. Try to feed the positive things and work on the negative ones, learn from experience and try to seeking an active attitude of self improvement. Improving your self-esteem will improve all other aspects of your life.


Assertive communication. Try to work on the using and developing assertive communication. Only in this way you will feel safe and you will control the situation. Good communication is the key to begin making a change.


Think about your qualities. Every time you feel unsafe, think of all your qualities, in all things you can do and can change. Do not be afraid to say these out loud. Security and trust is the key to success and growth.


Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Sometimes your ideas can be beneficial and create a positive change. If you are wrong do not fall down,it should not make you feel bad, keep trying. But first you must convince yourself before you can convince someone else.

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  • To deal with insecurity it is recommended that you place yourself in teh care of professional psychologist who will be able to help.

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How to deal with insecurity
How to deal with insecurity

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