How to Cut Down on Carbs

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Cut Down on Carbs

Cutting down on your carbs intake is a measure recommended by many experts, because there are many people who have experienced positive changes in their daily lives and have improved physical wellbeing significantly. However, establishing this type of diet is hard, because carbohydrates are found in many products that we are used to eating. Therefore, here at OneHowTo we show you how to cut down on carbs so that you can benefit from this diet quickly.

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What are carbohydrates and what do they do

Bread, pasta, cereals. All products containing these foods, among many others, contain a high amount of carbohydrates. In fact, it is a main food group that carries out different roles in your body.

The most important of these roles is supplying energy to your body, namely your nervous system and brain. This is because carbohydrates contain an enzyme responsible for breaking down glucose, which serves as an energy source.

Therefore, low-carb diets have a lower glycaemic index, having less of an impact on your body's blood sugar levels, which in turn acts as an incentive to eat less food and therefore, lose weight.

How to Cut Down on Carbs - What are carbohydrates and what do they do

Cutting down on carbs

Cutting down your intake of carbohydrates is much easier than it may seem at first. Just follow a series of guidelines that give you specific information about carbohydrates, which foods they are found in and how to avoid them.

Forget sugary drinks and eat more vegetables

Soft drinks, in general, have no nutritional value. However, they have such a high carbohydrate content that cutting down on them or cutting them out altogether will help you stop eating carbohydrates easily and effectively. Instead, drink dark coffee, teas or juices if you feel like a change from water.

Similarly, if you increase your vegetable intakes you will notice that your body will crave less carbohydrates. This is because vegetables contain a lot of energy and barely any carbohydrates, so a diet based on these foods will benefit you greatly.

How to Cut Down on Carbs - Forget sugary drinks and eat more vegetables

Eat necessary amount of proteins

It is important for protein to make up to a third of your diet, so that your body doesn't "remember" carbohydrates. To do this, make meat, eggs and nuts a part of your diet.

How to Cut Down on Carbs - Eat necessary amount of proteins

Opt for whole grains

Whole grain foods, in terms of rice, bread or cereals, will help to significantly cut down your carbohydrate intake. Also, you will notice how your body thanks you for it, so don't miss out on the traditional versions of these foods.

How to Cut Down on Carbs - Opt for whole grains

Try swapping

You can play with your diet, by changing your normal intake of high-carb foods for others containing more fibre. Starting with breakfast, swap flour-based bakery goods for others that are high in fibre, like whole grains.

If you need ideas for meals you can read our article What to eat for breakfast to lose weight.


Carbs are highly present in most snaks available on the market nowadays. If you're feeling peckish instead of some kind of pastry or pack of chips, eat a piece of fruit such as apple or mandarin, or eat a yougurt.

How to Cut Down on Carbs - Snacking

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How to Cut Down on Carbs
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How to Cut Down on Carbs

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