How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally

1% of the population is affected by this skin injury. It's causes are considered to derive from a not very calm and healthy lifestyle and, abusive sunbathing. This provokes depigmentation that affects any area of our body, leading to skin marks. There are several natural remedies to help cure it. wants to give you some remedies to discover how to cure vitiligo naturally.

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Steps to follow:

The dermatologist is whom we should visit first of all: he/she will be the one to indicate the kind of problem you may have and how to cure it. A medical treatment can help you if you don't have the patience to treat it naturally.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 1

First of all, it's recommendable to lead a healthy life. Start building your reality through positive thinking. It will help you see the beauty of everything that surrounds you and who you are, and it will help you relax and feel better: your nervous and vital state will improve generally.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 2

If you follow this first step, you will feel an increase in positive energy that will help attract good and pleasant things in life and stay away from everything you don't want. Focus on your energy focuses, be centered and relax: breath, concentration, meditation.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 3

Avoid sun exposure in seasons of high temperature. This kind of behaviour won't help you get better. If you sunbathe even in winter, do it with high sun screen and sun glasses so you can benefit from its vitamins.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 4

You must accompany these recommendations with a diet and some exercise, daily if possible. In moderation, sport will help you feel better and have a better quality of life, which is why you should choose an activity or sport that you enjoy- may it be individual or group- to keep in shape while having fun.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 5

Take care of your diet as much as you can, this can help you combat vitiligo. Get rid of any products with chemicals and cook as naturally as possible. Moreover, products such as chickpeas, grapes or melon will help in these cases.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 6

Red clay mixed with ginger juice is a good home remedy to cure vitiligo. Apply it directly on your skin and you'll get amazing results.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 7

There are natural remedies that help you in the process of getting better: turmeric cream with mustard oil. Both ingredients must be boiled in water until it has evaporated and the oil is all that's left. It should be filtered and kept in a glass pot and applied on the affected area twice a day during 3 months.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 8

Homemade cream made from apple vinegar and radish seeds is also very effective. It must be applied equally twice a day on the affected area.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 9

Some people say that aloe vera has worked to cure their vitiligo. Though it is not scientifically proven, OneHowto would like to tell you how to use aloe vera for vitiligo so you don't end up harming your health.

How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally - Step 10

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • Control your routine, make it as helathy as possible.
  • Use sun screen every day if you walk on the street.
  • A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and cereal will help.
  • Make sure you walk as much as possible.

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Janarthanan Alagarsamy
I have white patches on my hands&legs how to cure this fast and simple?.
Can I use Steroid cream& Tacrolimus ointment for this white patches?.
Brian keeps saying he cured himself but will not share how.. why?
OneHowTo Editor
You can follow the tips in this article to help cure vitiligo naturally.
Hope this helps
I've been doing a natural treatment that i found online for the last 4 months and now i can see i have responded to it nearly 95%. I found that the treatment once i started, the results came after around 3 weeks wherein the color started to fade away and i got my original color again. I am recommending it to anyone i see with vitiligo problems!!
I have a teenage boy with Vitiligo. Would you please tell me what you've been doing? is it still effective? I know this post is old. Thanks.
wu, ying~chin/ maria joyce b. wu
Bryan, hi! Please share with us how you cured your vitiligo, My son is only 15 years old and he begin to have a vitiligo on his hands and feet. We checked so many doctors and just give ointment and one doctor advice him to have a theraphy....ultra light but I would like to try the natural treatment and maybe you could help my son ....please share it with us, is it the red clay with ginger juice you're using? Do you think this really affective? I am very thankful if you.will help my son. Thank you very much and.God.Bless you!
I would never forget about the day a girl called me "cow", because my skin was brown and white. It hurt me so bad that she said that. From that point I started looking for how to get rid of vitiligo. I Tried all kinds of treatments until I found one that permanently healed me.
I had vitiligo for 8 years, and I had tried all (PUVA, topical steroid, meladinine cream with exposure to sunlight/PUVA, oral meladinine, oil of bergamot). The vitiligo covered my neck, and one-fourth of my face. My dermatologists could not help me. A friend recommended me a natural treatment, and it worked for me very well. Now i'm 100 %cured.
Hello bryan! which natural treatment helped for you? And how long which was helped for you? Did you change your diet too?
Pls help me what natural treatment u are using..I have also vitiligo since im 3years old and now I'm 26 yrs old..pls help me....i have a vitiligo arms,legs,face,neck, head and also my hair have whites
OneHowTo Editor
Try the remedies mentioned in the article. Be consistent to see results.

Hope this helps
Good day bryan.
Am from Nigeria and vitiligo has been disturbing me for over 4 years now.

can you please tell me what u used.
Am seriously in need of a cure

Thank you.
Deepika Raval
Vitiligo treatment
How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally
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How to Cure Vitiligo Naturally

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