How To Behave Around Autistic Adults

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Behave Around Autistic Adults

Autistic people exhibit different behaviors and attitudes, and uncontrollable movements due to sensory challenges. If you are living with an autistic adult, or are around such a person, then there are certain ways with which you should control your behavior to help the challenged individual. Here at, you will find out how to handle autistic adults.

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Steps to follow:

First of all, it is important to show the same kind of love and encouragement you would do to any other person. Try to treat him as normal, yet taking care of his special needs. You need to be patient with him, and be ready for his help in unforeseen ways. As the person would be behaving abnormally, you should also keep yourself ready for some embarrassment in public.


Never humiliate or tease an autistic person, neither let anyone else do that. You should be ready for some bad behavior from such a person, as he has a disorder, and is trying to act normal in a society of normal people.

Never talk bad about him, and behave as if he is not there. He is always listening, and understanding what you think about him. Try to make eye contact with him, and never react to him negatively. If you show an act of affection to him, don’t expect appreciation or same affection in return. He is not going to behave as you expect. That is why, patience is most important while dealing with an autistic person.


An autistic adult wants you to treat him as normal. This is extremely important for their self-esteem. For example, they may not understand a joke very quickly, but you should not mock or abuse him, as frustration and despair may set inside him, and this can be devastating for his personality.

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Autistic adults usually have a hard time with their relationships. They may try to have control over everything, whether it is a relationship or an argument. If they are doing an activity, they may not allow others to participate. They want to be in total control, and tell others what to do and say. It may be frustrating for a normal person to tolerate, but you need to develop an understanding. Don’t tell him every time that he is wrong. You can at least listen to him, and do whatever you like afterwards.


Autistic people are always in their thinking mode. Because they have difficulty speaking, writing and expressing themselves, they are always thinking. There may be times when you don’t want to talk to him, interact with him, or involve him in an activity. During these times, the autistic person will feel most neglected, and this will make an impression in his mind forever.


An autistic adult needs to be treated with respect, love and understanding. He has the same desires as anyone of us. He is not stupid or simple, but needs help from you so that he can better understand things. So, treat him normally, and make the world a better place for him to stay in.

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How To Behave Around Autistic Adults
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How To Behave Around Autistic Adults

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