How to Avoid Obsessive Thinking

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Avoid Obsessive Thinking

Do you have thoughts that haunt you and stop you from being able to concentrate on anything? This is referred to as obsessive and recurrent thoughts that are usually related to fears, concerns or violent situations. Anxiety is often the cause of such thoughts, and learning to control this is important in moving forward. It should also be controlled to prevent your mind from stopping you from feeling happy and enjoying life. In this OneHowTo article, we'll share some useful tips that can help you learn how to avoid obsessive thinking and ensure that these do not torment you day after day.

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To begin, you should know that obsessive thoughts are normal to some extent. People suffering with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or with serious anxiety problems tend to have these kinds of thoughts. Some people also develop these thoughts when they are under a lot of stress. When a person has this type of thoughts, they feel as though their life is out of control, which prevents them from being able to function normally. If you take notice of each and every negative thought that goes around in your head, your life with start unraveling and you'll lose more and more control. You need to learn how to react in the face of adversity and how to prevent this from becoming obsessive.

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If these thoughts cause you a lot of stress, they might escalate into obsessions which could affect your future. These thoughts are very negative and will make you feel awful. There are all sorts of different issues that may worry you: fears about diseases, strict need for organisation, striving for perfection, fears linked to simple things, e.g. whether you've shut the doors or not, worries about falling, sexual assault, or ideas about death. All of them are fears that stem from anxiety, which may eventually generate a high degree of stress.


If you want to avoid obsessive thinking from your mind, take note of the following tips. You should get rid of them as soon as possible so that you can lead a functional life. The first thing is to make an effort not to dwell. However, this might be difficult because, the more one tries to block something out of their head, the more they end up thinking about that exact thing. The idea is to try to eliminate recurring thoughts that invade your mind - don't forget this if you want to fight this obsession for real.


Secondly, you should not be ashamed. Accept your thoughts as a result of your anxiety and stop blaming yourself about it. Acceptance is the key to controlling these obsessions that threaten to turn your life upside down. Know that they are the result of a state of nervousness or anxiety and, when you treat this, they will also disappear. Do not be afraid of your reactions, - they are only thoughts - and do not confuse feeling upset and concerned with an illness. Give yourself time and you will see how everything returns to normal.

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When you have those negative and persistent thoughts, buy a notebook and jot them down. A good way to get rid of obsessions is to write them down in a personal diary. Once you do, your mind will let go of these ideas, because they have been put elsewhere. It is also a way to recognize and accept that there is something that is disrupting your world. You must accept your thoughts and let them go. We must learn to overcome anxiety and get rid of all these negative emotions. If you learn to let go of those thoughts, you can overcome the situation and, gradually, these thoughts will do less damage.


In more severe cases, you may have to resort to cognitive behavioral therapy. This will help you to work through your fears, your mistaken beliefs and the anxiety that is often the source of those obsessive thoughts. Therapy is shown to be very effective for people with OCD and certain anxiety disorders.

Another of the best ways of fight obsessive thoughts is to keep the body and mind active. Exercise or, for example, spend time doing an activity that you are passionate about and that keeps your mind busy. When you practice sport, your brain produces endorphins that reduce stress, anxiety and cause an immense feeling of well-being. To avoid negative thoughts, you could also try relaxation techniques, such as, yoga, meditation, tai chi. Choose whatever you fancy to help to combat anxiety and, consequently, rid yourself of all those thought that torment you. In the following article you can find more tips to relax quickly.

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How to Avoid Obsessive Thinking
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How to Avoid Obsessive Thinking

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