How to avoid going red and blushing

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to avoid going red and blushing

Blushing is the act of showing redness on the face. This is usually is caused by an emotional or adrenal response. When adrenaline is released, your blood vessels dilate to let in more blood, which causes your face to turn pink. Emotions that cause blushing are shame, shyness, modesty and love. While blushing is a natural reaction, when it occurs in excess it can cause embarrassment and social anxiety. This makes some people avoid any situation where they could experience excessive blushing. Fortunately, there things you can do to control it and not turn red.

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Steps to follow:

List the situations that have caused blushing in the past. Recognize what triggers the problem that makes you go red. For example, being in a large crowd of people, talking to someone who attracts you or making a mistake in front of your peers.


Breathe. Practice breathing control when you are in a trigger situation. Breathe for three seconds then hold a breath for a second while you are in silence, before tell your mind to relax. Allow the breath to leave in a slow exhaling motion and imagine the tension leaving your body. Continue this breathing pattern until you feel relaxed and safe. You can also try various techniques to reduce the stress that you are experiencing.

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Think of other things. When your face a blushing trigger think of a situation that would not make you blush. List the different situations that make you feel calm such as petting your dog or reading your favourite book. This will help take your mind off the situation that makes you blush.

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Limit your consumption of alcohol and spicy foods. Both alcohol and spicy foods cause excessive blood flow to the face. When combined with a triggering situation, this makes the face turn red, which is difficult to control.

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  • Check with your doctor to ensure that excessive blushing is not caused by an underlying health problem.

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How to avoid going red and blushing
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How to avoid going red and blushing

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