How To Avoid Getting A Hangover

How To Avoid Getting A Hangover

A hangover is an unpleasant feeling that reminds us of the day before when we drank too much alcohol. Although it may be different for each person, ranging from mild headaches to severe migraines, stomach upset and nausea, the reality is that no one finds it nice. So what do you do to stop a night out from being followed by a day of distress? At OneHowTo we show you how to avoid getting a hangover and stop alcohol from wreaking havoc with you.

Steps to follow:

It is important to say it: if you don't want to have a hangover, then don't overdo it with your drinks. This is a fundamental rule, and drinking in moderation is also important for our health.

But when it comes to a celebration, many times we ignore this warning and completely drink more than we are used to, it is in these cases where these tips to avoid a hangover will come in really useful.


One of the most classic and effective ways to avoid a hangover is to eat well before and during a night where you are drinking alcohol. If you drink on an empty stomach not only does the alcohol hit you quicker, running the risk of making you drunk sooner than you thought, but it will also give you a free ticket to the world of the hangover the next day.

A good meal is key to stopping drink from affecting you as much, this meal should include preferably carbohydrates and fats, as both help absorb alcohol and protect our stomach from its effects.


To avoid a hangover it is essential that you stay hydrated all the time when you are drinking, but not with big gulps of alcohol, but with water.

One of the effects of alcohol on the body is dehydration, so the next day we are dying of thirst and a headache. If you want to avoid this, alternate your drinks with glasses of water to stay well hydrated throughout the night. You should also have a large glass of water when you get home and just before going to bed as this will help your body recover better.


If the party is going great and you're having an awesome time, fantastic! But don't forget that if you want to avoid a hangover it is more likely if you drink slowly. This way you will prevent yourself getting drunk and ending up feeling awful.

Drinking slowly helps you to drink less and drinking less lowers your chances of getting a hangover the next day. So remember to put your teenage years behind you and it is also important to know how to manage your drinking.


Whenever you get home after a night of drinking it is recommended that you don't go to sleep on a empty stomach or you are almost guaranteed to have a hangover. Again, the same before drinking, foods high in fat and carbohydrates are your best friends along with sugary foods, because glucose helps us to recover from a night of drinking.

Eat before bed and you will reduce your chances of waking up feeling fatal.


If you are someone who always wakes up with headache no matter what you drink, there are two key factors that you should never skip to avoid a hangover.

  • Drink a large glass of water before bed.
  • Take a headache pill along with your glass of water to make it really effective. Try to avoid ibuprofen.

This way you minimise your chances of getting a headache that will remind you that you drank too much last night.

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