How To Avoid Daytime Sleepiness

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Avoid Daytime Sleepiness

A restless night, feeling overworked, having things on your mind, working shifts or suffering from insomnia can result in you starting the day feeling sleepy, making it difficult for you to concentrate. Sometimes a coffee is just not enough to wake you up, so in this article we'll give you some useful tricks for how to avoid daytime sleepiness for those times when carrying out your daily activities seems impossible.

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Many people claim that they can't leave the house in the morning without having had a shower, because they believe that this habit helps them wake up. And they're not wrong. A great trick for getting rid of sleepiness and making yourself feel ready for the day is to take a nice warm shower in the morning and, just before getting out, blast yourself with cold water to activate your circulation and really wake yourself up.

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The practice of splashing your face with cold water when you feel a little tired makes perfect sense because the feel of the cold liquid on your face helps wake you up and get rid of sleepiness. And you can do it not only first thing upon waking but throughout the day, whenever you feel fatigue setting in. You'll see that you'll feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

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Coffee is usually the first thing people turn to when it comes to banishing sleepiness, but you shouldn't drink more than three cups a day. Plus, not everyone likes coffee, so it's not an option for everyone.

For that reason, a good caffeine-free trick to avoid daytime sleepiness is to eat an apple. Several scientific studies have shown that, owing to its fructose content, eating an apple causes the same reaction in the body as drinking caffeine to make you feel awake and alert, but in a much more natural way.

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Another trick that will help you get rid of daytime sleepiness and feel more alert is to drink water. Dehydration affects the oxygenation of the brain, making you feel even more tired. If in addition to having slept little or badly you don't drink enough fluid during the day, you will feel even more exhausted. This is also true if you drink a lot of coffee because it is a diuretic, which can impact hydration.

Remember to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water a day and your body will thank you for it.

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Complex carbohydrates are another way to get energy so that you can face the day. Unlike simple carbohydrates, such as pastries and sweets, complex carbohydrates give us the energy to stay alert throughout the day, rather than just temporarily.

On days when you're feeling tired, eat wholegrain cereals, pasta, rice or bread and vegetables. These will help you feel more energetic and chase sleepiness away.

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Take short, regular breaks throughout the day and stretch to energise your body and increase your energy. A few minutes of stretching a day will fight off sleepiness and help you perform at your best in spite of the fatigue.

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A glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice, apart from being one of the best allies to clean your intestine and your liver, is also an excelent natural option to get rid of sleepiness effectively.

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Apart from following these recommendations, it's important to keep good eating habits to maintain your energy and avoid sleepiness. That's why it's recommended to always have a balanced breakfast, that will help you be active in the morning and more productive in your daily activities.

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The way you sleep can also affect if you feel sleepy in the morning, so here are a few tips to sleep well during the night.

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How To Avoid Daytime Sleepiness
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