How To Avoid Bad Underarm Odor

How To Avoid Bad Underarm Odor

Although many may think that this is a problem of hygiene, in reality it has more to do with glandular or hormonal factors than with daily grooming habits. Excessive sweating leads to the accumulation of bacteria that cause the unpleasant odour, affecting the self-esteem of the sufferer and also causing discomfort to those around him or her. In we would like to give you some pretty effective tips on how to avoid bad underarm odor.

Steps to follow:

The first recommendation is to wash the armpits well during bathing time. Often odor may be due to traces of soap or deodorant that accumulate in that area so make sure after bathing the armpits are thoroughly cleaned.


As the odor may be due to the accumulation of bacteria and fungi a good homemade remedy to avoid bad underarm odor is to mix two parts vinegar and one part alcohol into a solution and apply it every night on the armpits with a very clean cloth. Leave it to act whilst sleeping. Over the coming days the smell should decrease.


Bicarbonate is a great ally in preventing bad odors. Apply a little baking powder with a cotton swab onto thoroughly dried armpits. Be sure to spread the powder very well. This is one of the most effective home remedies because it helps to keep the area free of sweat for longer.


Another effective trick to avoid bad underarm odor is to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with liquid from a lemon and apply this after bathing, its odor controlling effects are well known. Moreover, lemon is ideal to get rid of bacteria, making it easy to clean the area effectively.


If the problem is that you sweat too much then prepare an infusion with thyme or rosemary leaves and apply it to your armpits after taking a bath. The liquid will help you control your hyperhidrosis. Moreover if the sweat also smells bad, take a look at how to stop sweat smelling bad.


Aloe vera, besides being great for skin problems, is a good ally in sweat control. A little of the plants liquid will suffice to control odour and sweat.


It is also important to consider the type of foods eaten; those strong in flavor such as garlic, onion and spices affect perspiration odor, making it much more intense. The best thing to do is to avoid eating them excessively, especially when they are served raw.

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