How much sleep does a child need according to age

By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 15, 2018
How much sleep does a child need according to age

Sleep is vital to humans, but when it comes to children, it has its own particular characteristics. This is because children need to get used to a regular sleep routine , and require different amounts of sleep depending on their age. This OneHowTo article on How much sleep a child needs for each age aims to explain all about the age-to-sleep ratios for children. Read carefully, because the amount of sleep they need does vary.

Newborn babies

Newborns do not have a developed internal clock, so can sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day. Once he or she reaches a month old, your baby's sleep will be interrupted because of waking every two or three hours for feeding. A bit later on, from three months of age, babies will begin to sleep better, especially at night, with uninterrupted periods of sleep of between six and eight hours with intervals of napping, which will amount to about 12 to 10 hours.

Babies up to one year old

Between six and twelve months, your child will be able to sleep up to 11 hours per night. This is the normal number of hours of sleep, as recommended by specialists.

This is the time when you should start getting your child used to sleeping. You do this by establishing set sleeping times and encouraging your child to sleep alone in their room.

Sleep for children up to three years old

Children within this age range can easily sleep between 10 and 12 hours at night. They will still need to take naps, although these will be short: between one and two hours.

This is the age at which you should be getting them into a routine, especially with activities before bed, like bath time, dinner, telling them a story or putting on some relaxing music.

Children between three and six years old

At night, children of this age sleep for 10 or 11 hours and they can nap for about an hour, although not all of them do, especially from the age of four or five. This will depend on your child's personality, their level of activity during the day and their own personal needs.

What is important at this time is to put them to bed at the same time so they follow their routine daily, typically at around 9pm.

Children up to ten years old

As your child grows older, he will need fewer hours of sleep to go about his daily life. Between the age of six and nine, 9 or 10 hours will be enough, and most will go without naps, either because they don't have time due to other activities, or because they don't need them anymore.

Ten years old and over

Older children need an average of 8 hours sleep. Once they have reached this age, the important thing is that they have a clear routine and can use these hours of sleep to rest, so you need to monitor what they are doing and set rules for them to go to bed at night.

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How much sleep does a child need according to age
How much sleep does a child need according to age

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