How Make Your Face Slimmer

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Make Your Face Slimmer

Many people have a plump face with pudgy cheeks and sometimes plumpness under the jaw, known as a double chin. Usually, people with a chubby face are overweight, which is why some fat has also accumulated in this area. However, others are thin but have a plump face which is simply due to genetics. There are ways you can make your face slimmer, but if you have inherited this face shape you will only ever be able to reduce it by an inch or two. How do you make your face slimmer? In this article we show you some tips that will be useful for this.

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Steps to follow:

The food you eat is very important. Basically the more fat you consume in your food, the more fat your face will be. You must also avoid carbohydrates such as bread, cakes, etc. Consume all of these foods in moderation and you will begin to see major changes.

You should learn how to plan a healthy menu that is adapted to our lifestyle; apart from including all kinds of food, their caloric power should be equal to the amount of exercise we do.

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Aerobic exercises are also important, as they help burn fat throughout the body, including the face. It's fundamental to be constant when doing exercise, or they won't be effective.We recommend our article on how much exercise is needed to burn fat so you can plan your timing.

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Facial Exercises will achieve tone and strengthen the facial muscles. These complement aerobic exercise and your face will lose weight more quickly. The muscles of your face are like regular muscles and require exercise to stay toned.

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An exercise to reduce the size of the cheeks is to make movements with your mouth as if you're sucking. Do this exercise for 3 minutes and repeat 20 times. This same exercise is done unconsciously when smoking, which is why most smokers have sunken cheeks.

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Another great exercise to slim the face and get rid of a double chin is to tilt the head back until this area of skin is stretched taught, then press the area and stroke up and down with your hands. You must repeat this exercise 25 times.

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Smiling is the perfect exercise for slimming the face as a smile requires the use of multiple muscles on your face. You need to smile widely and keep that smile for 3 seconds before returning to the original position. Repeat this exercise 25 times.

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A double chin can also be reduced by placing the tongue below the palate and pushing hard for 2 seconds. This exercise works the muscles of the jaw. You can repeat 20 times while doing other everyday activities.


Another method you can apply to make your face slimmer is to use facial masks with natural products such as those with an oatmeal base, yogurt and honey. So they're more effective, you should apply circular massages while applying the mask to prevent skin sagging.

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If you have a round-looking face, you may want to consider getting a haircut that will flatter your face type and applying makeup that will brighten it to ensure that you look your best!

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How Make Your Face Slimmer
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How Make Your Face Slimmer

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