How Does Your Water Break

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Does Your Water Break

If you are in your third trimester of pregnancy, you must be surrounded by people talking all the hype about water breaking and entering labor. You must be curious about what it is, how it will happen, and what to do next. Here at, experts will try to give you complete information on how does your water break.

What happens during water break?

Throughout your pregnancy, the baby is cushioned and surrounded by the amniotic sac, a membranous sac filled with fluid. So, how does your water break? Just before or during the labor, these membranes rupture, and the water filled in it gushes out through your cervix, and comes out of your vagina. Different women may have different experiences with water breaking.

How Does Your Water Break - What happens during water break?

What water breaking feels like

As we have mentioned, there are several symptoms that indicate that your water is breaking, here are some of the most common:

  • A huge gush of water may go all over the floor, as if you have just peed in your pants. You may feel the water coming from deep inside. If you stand up, you may see a massive amount of fluid gushing from between your legs. It does not feel like urinating, as it does not slow down or stop. Some women may feel as if a water hose is put between their legs on full blast.
  • Some women feel like a popping sensation inside their stomach, and some even hear the pop sound, followed by a gush of water. The fluid feels very warm, and more leaks may come out every time you move or go through a contraction. Some women may feel as if a water balloon has just popped between their legs. It doesn’t hurt, but everything suddenly becomes drenched.
  • Many women experience just a leaking or trickling of water instead of a gush of fluid. Sometimes, it is so slow that some women may mistake it for normal vaginal discharge or sweat. Some women may feel nausea just before the water break, and end up peeing, which is actually a water break.
  • Sometimes, it is not just a trickle, and not as heavy as a gush. It may feel like a very heavy period dripping down the legs.
How Does Your Water Break - What water breaking feels like

What to do after water break

For most women, water will not break in the midst of a work meeting, or while she is shopping in a grocery store. In a majority of cases, water break will come only after the contractions have already started, and the woman is already on the hospital bed. Sometimes, it is too late and a midwife or nurse is required to rupture the membranes artificially to facilitate labor. But if your waters have broken at home, it means that your baby is soon going to be on its way to the world, and you need to reach the hospital as soon as possible.

How Does Your Water Break - What to do after water break

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How Does Your Water Break
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How Does Your Water Break

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