Home Remedies for Hives on Your Body

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Home Remedies for Hives on Your Body

Hives are a skin reaction with very unpleasant symptoms. It is a skin rash accompanied by severe itchiness, inflammation, redness and stinging. Hives can come as a result of an allergic reaction to a particular substance or due to other conditions such as emotional stress, some kind of infection or overexposure to cold or hot temperatures. Whatever the cause, it is essential to see your doctor to get treatment before the symptoms of hives appear. In the following OneHowTo article, we present some home remedies for hives on your body that, although they cannot heal it completely, are effective in reducing the irritation and soothing the itchiness.

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One of the main symptoms of hives is the severe itchiness that can lead to more skin wounds. To help relieve this symptom, you can apply a cold compress to the affected skin. This remedy will also help to reduce the swelling and calm the itch caused by this condition.

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One of the most effective home remedies for hives is to use aloe vera gel onto the skin. This plant will aim to reduce these irritating symptoms and, more importantly, shorten the skin's recovery time. Before using this home remedy, it is important that you make sure that you are not allergic to aloe vera, otherwise you not use it to treat your hives.

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Sea water has healing properties which are very effective when it comes to conditions affecting the health of the skin, as is the case with hives. For see its effect for yourself, we recommend buying Epsom salts and add a handful of these in to your bath water. Get in and you will feel immediate relief. This will also reduce the swelling and redness.

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There are some herbs with excellent properties for maintaining healthy skin and assist in its recovery when it is damaged, red and/or inflamed. These include healing plants such as chamomile, rosemary and dandelion. For use these as home remedies for hives, the beat way is to prepare an infusion and add it to your bathwater to enjoy very relaxing and therapeutic bath at the same time.

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Turmeric is a plant used as a cooking spice, but which has also been traditionally appreciated for treating conditions that cause skin wounds to appear such as hives or psoriasis. Drink a mixture of 1 tablespoon of turmeric diluted in a cup of warm water with a dash of honey to help the skin heal faster and lessen the inflammation.

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Remember that these home remedies for hives only work as a supplement to the dermatological treatment prescribed by your doctor, and you should always consult a specialist whether these are suitable or not for your particular case.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Home Remedies for Hives on Your Body
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Home Remedies for Hives on Your Body

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