Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels

Hypoglycaemia occurs when the glucose in the bloodstream decreases significantly, causing symptoms such as dizziness, pallor, cold sweats, confusion and, in more serious cases, loss of consciousness. Hypoglycaemia is very common in people with diabetes, an illness that's linked with the inability to regulate glucose levels in the body. If you're hypoglycaemic, it's very important to act quickly to raise your blood glucose levels as soon as possible. At, we'll suggest a few foods that raise blood sugar levels and halt the symptoms of hypoglycaemia quickly.

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It's crucial to act fast

When someone is hypoglycaemic, you need to act immediately to increase their blood glucose levels in order to gradually reduce their symptoms and help stabilize their condition. When you eat foods that raise blood sugar levels, it will take the body about 10 minutes to absorb it and gradually recover.

If you occasionally suffer from hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar, it's important that you always have certain foods at hand to help you recover quickly when the first symptoms appear.

Sugary beverages: juices, soft drinks or sugar water

Among foods that raise glucose levels, sugary beverages work the fastest and include: packaged juices, soft drinks and even, for the most severe cases, sugar water. Liquids are absorbed very quickly, reducing the symptoms of hypoglycaemia and helping you to feel better. Soft drinks are the most effective since they contain an extremely high sugar content.

It's best to just take a few sips rather than drinking the whole soft drink.

Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels - Sugary beverages: juices, soft drinks or sugar water


Due to their high levels of fibre and fructose, a natural sugar found in all fruit, apples are one of the best foods for increasing glucose levels because they're absorbed quickly and effectively. A piece of fruit is very portable so if you are prone to hypoglycaemia, always have an apple with you to eat for when your blood sugar levels dip.

Fruit is perfect to eat when glucose levels are beginning to drop. However, if you're having a major hypoglycaemic attack, it's better to turn to other options, such as soft drinks.

Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels - Apples


Bananas are a good food for increasing glucose levels, especially when you're doing physical activity and you need to maintain the right sugar level. Because of their fibre and fructose content, the glucose is absorbed much slower in bananas, helping to maintain the correct levels during physical activity.

Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels - Bananas


Another option which also works well to raise glucose levels, especially in cases where the hypoglycaemic person is suffering from severe disorientation, is jam with added sugar. A small, individual serving of jam placed under the tongue has a rapid effect. It's also easy to eat and it quickly raises low blood sugar levels. It's also small and easily transportable.

Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels - Jam

Products with glucose

Pharmacies also sell various products containing glucose for people who suffer from hypoglycaemia. Sold in liquid, gel or even chewable form, this is an option for those who often have this problem because they raise blood sugar levels quickly and effectively.

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Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels
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Foods that Raise Blood Sugar Levels

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