Fertility Boosting Foods for Female

Fertility Boosting Foods for Female

There exist some fertility boosting foods for female. There are women who become pregnant very easily and others find it more difficult. The latter are desperately trying any remedy that promises miraculous pregnancy immediately. But the truth is that for fertilization to happen, there are many factors involved and one of the most important is food.

When a woman maintains a healthy diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals, their body gets everything it needs so that a healthy pregnancy occurs. Fertility boosting foods for female are often the healthiest foods. Being overweight or an excessive intake of fats and sugars can affect female fertility. So to get pregnant you need a balanced diet and to incorporate certain foods to your diet. Find out here at oneHOWTO a list of fertility boosting foods for female.

Steps to follow:

Amongst the foods which increase female fertility are walnuts, which positively affect various bodily functions. For example, walnuts help control blood insulin levels, and it is known that when women have excessive insulin production, cysts can form on the ovaries which often prevent fertilisation of the egg. Similarly, nut consumption increases ovulation, which in turn can increase the likelihood of pregnancy. That’s why we put walnuts as the first fertility boosting food for female.


According to scientific studies, animal protein increases female fertility. But not just any protein. When you want to get pregnant, it is recommended to increase consumption of chicken because it is a lot healthier than beef protein and contains high levels of iron. Grilled or steamed chicken is a healthy option to lose weight when the cause of female infertility is the extra pounds.


The consumption of antioxidants is essential to increasing female fertility. Therefore, help reverse the effects of free radicals in the body, which may be responsible for some women's hormonal problems. Many foods are rich in antioxidants, but the best antioxidant fertility boosting foods for female are: garlic, berries, kiwi, avocado and citrus fruits.


Calcium is essential for the development of pregnancy, so dairy or foods rich in calcium increase female fertility. Calcium intake, in addition to strong bones, optimises the functions of the female reproductive organ, making sure everything is in the best conditions for pregnancy to occur. Dairy are therefore some of the best fertility boosting foods for female.


Eggs are also part of the fertility boosting foods for female. Eggs contain high amounts of vitamin B, which plays a major role in reproductive health as well as the increased absorption of folic acid, a substance necessary for the proper development of the foetus.

There are other ways to naturally increase female fertility, such as yoga for fertility and Chinese medicine.


Consumption of Omega 3 is very important for the functioning of the body, because the body does not produce it. This fatty acid helps to increase female fertility by balancing hormone production, improving cervical mucus and maintain healthy ovaries. Many foods are rich in Omega 3, but some of the best fertility boosting foods for female are: salmon, shellfish, sardines and broccoli.


Consumption of foods high in fibre also helps to increase female fertility. Fibre helps counteract PCOS, one of the most common causes of female infertility. In addition, fibre helps bowel movements and absorbs the fat of the liver, which can detoxify the body naturally and aid in weight loss. That makes fibres one of the fertility boosting foods for female.

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