Can Supplements Make You Fat?

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
Can Supplements Make You Fat?

You must have heard about the hype regarding weight gain due to supplements. Some say yes, others say no. But what’s the truth? Can supplements make you fat? At, we have already told you which foods contain healthy fats, so that you can receive your essential fat content without gaining weight. You have already learned about how to take vitamin supplements. But here, the question is whether supplements can actually make you fat or not. Let’s try to find the answer.

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What’s the logic?

In one study, adding supplements, including vitamin B12 and folic acid, in the diet of pregnant mice led their offsprings to gain weight, and their weight gain was noticed in their later generations too. Actually, vitamin B12, folic acid and other such supplements add methyl groups to the DNA, which has impact on gene activities of the individual. Some mice were also found to be obese, and the amounts of choline, betaine, vitamin B12, folic acid and other supplements given to these mice were similar to the dose given to humans.

Weight gain over generations

Pregnant mothers are commonly given folic acid supplements to avoid risk of spina bifida in their newborn. But the recent studies have caused a debate on this kind of supplementation. On the other hand, if we eat processed foods in high amounts, and add synthetic vitamins in our diet, we may receive same benefits as those offered by supplements.

Benefits of supplements

Supplements provide us the necessary nutrients to get us going, and the best sources are fresh fruits and vegetables. When taken in supplement form, they provide numerous benefits, including:

· Reduce homocysteine, thus improve heart health

· Build strong bones

· Keep blood pressure under control

· Alleviate mood, especially individuals with thinking problems and mood disorders

· Slow down aging and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

· Ease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

· Reduce risk of colon cancer

· Prevent down syndrome

Can Supplements Make You Fat? - Benefits of supplements

Can you prevent supplement use?

Of course, the best way with which you can achieve healthy levels of essential nutrients is through eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly green leafy ones. This is the best way to ensure that you receive your ideal everyday dose of nutrients without the need of supplements. But sometimes, we just don’t find time, effort or patience to eat all the foods that we should be eating. So, they have to rely on synthetic supplements to receive similar benefits. But remember, excess of everything is bad, and too much of supplementation can cause side effects, including weight gain.

If you are trying to lose weight, supplements can prevent that from happening, at least if they don’t cause you to gain weight.

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Can Supplements Make You Fat?
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Can Supplements Make You Fat?

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