8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss

By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 15, 2018
8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss

We all want to look good and healthy but the reality is that it is difficult to maintain a shapely figure. It is not easy to exercise, eat well and live a healthy life, when you have very little time to dedicate to losing weight. so here at OneHowTo we have put together 8 life hacks for weight loss, to speed up your metabolism and give you a little help to lose weight and improve your health.

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Steps to follow:

Eat more times in a day (but do not forget to eat healthily), because the more we eat the more active our metabolism stays, so the body consumes the calories we give it intelligently. Have a good breakfast, eat something light mid-morning, a balanced lunch, a nutritional snack and a light dinner. So as well as what you eat, you also need to think about how many times a day you are eating and try to spread out your calorific consumption so that you are eating "little and often".

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 1

Make sure you eat a good breakfast because this food is not only necessary to give you the energy boost for the whole day, but it also helps our metabolism to start its day. Breakfast is the time when you can consume more calories, with the ability to burn food throughout the day. It also means you will be less ravenous at lunch.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 2

Do not remove carbohydrates from your diet. This is a big mistake. Bread, pasta, cereals and legumes must be present in your diet as they provide energy, fiber and other nutrients. Always opt for wholemeal versions which are much healthier and only avoid them at dinner unless you intend to do some important physical activity afterwards.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 3

Reduce and if possible eliminate the foods you bring nothing but fat and calories, such as processed sweets (cakes, donuts) refined sugar, gums, soft drinks and all sorts of goodies with which you usually kill your hunger and which do not only make you fat, but do not give you a single health benefit.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 4

If you have a very sweet tooth and love to eat sweet things, you do not need to cut them out of your diet completely. The key is to select what kinds of sugary foods you consume and moderate your intake. Eat fruits, homemade cakes, black chocolate, rice cake or graham crackers with saccharin. Think before you putting a product in your mouth that will make your body work three times as hard to get rid of.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 5

One of the most useful life hacks for weight loss if you work far from home is to stop eating every day in the street, take lunch from home to the office. It is much healthier as you have the opportunity to control the preparation of food and avoid the temptation of high calorie dishes at the restaurant. Furthermore your pocket benefits because it is much cheaper.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 6

You already know that snacking between meals is not bad, what is bad is to do it inadequately. Opt for fruits like apple, pear, banana (or whatever pleases you), yogurt, rice crackers and nuts, which are healthy snacks that will provide benefits and help you to satiate your appetite.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 7

Move about more. It sounds obvious, but this really is one of the crucial steps to losing weight. Exercise, keeping the body active with strong muscles is the key to a much healthier life. Walk, ride a bike, run, join a gym, go out and play with your children, the choices abound.

8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss - Step 8

Have a coach or accountability partner like 8fit to keep you on track. Staying motivated is much easier when you have someone to hold you accountable for your goals. Train with a friend, hire a personal trainer, or dowload an app such as 8fit. With the 8fit app, you can plan your workouts around your daily schedules, plan all your meals and track your progress. It's the perfect tool for getting fit and to help organize a healthier lifestyle.

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8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss
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8 Life Hacks for Weight Loss

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